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Glycemic Index Chart for Common Foods

Using the Glycemic Index for Managing Blood Sugar


Updated July 07, 2014

Various foods rich in carbohydrate. Bread, crisp bread,, lentils, beans, potatoes, corn, rice, soya beans, potatoes, pulses, noodles, oat flakes
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Perhaps you've heard of the glycemic index. When you have type 2 diabetes, the name of the game is eating foods that don't spike your blood sugar. Counting carbohydrates is one way to keep good control of your numbers. Knowing the glycemic index of the carbs you eat can help you fine tune your meals even more to keep your blood glucose closer to a normal range.

What's the Glycemic Index?

The glycemic index rates foods by how much they raise blood glucose. Candy, sugar, cake and cookies have a high glycemic index, while whole-grains have a lower glycemic index.

Since it's the carbs in food that raise blood sugar, the glycemic index can help when trying to figure out which foods are the best for you. Since all carbohydrates don't affect blood glucose levels the same way, knowing which carbs have a lower glycemic index can help you plan your meals more effectively.

Most foods have a range of GI numbers, depending on many factors, Sometimes how long a food is cooked can influence the GI. For example, when pasta is cooked "al dente," the GI is lower than if it is cooked longer. The numbers offered in this chart are averages of the GI range for these foods.

Written with the assistance of Laura Dolson, Guide to Low Carb Diets at About.com.

Carbohydrate information from Caloriecount.about.com.

Glycemic Index and Carb Count for Common Foods

FOOD Grams Carbs GI range Average GI
White Potato (medium) 34 56-111 high 80s
Sweet Potato (medium) 24 44-78 61
Carrots (1/2 cup) 6 16-92 47
Green Peas (1/2 cup) 11 39-54 48
Chick Peas (1 cup) 54 31-36 34
Soy Beans (1/2 cup) 13 15-20 17
Apple (medium) 19 28-44 38
Banana (medium) 27 46-70 58
White Bread (1 slice) 14 64-83 72
Whole Wheat Bread (1 slice) 12 52-87 71
Bread w/Cracked Wheat Kernals (1 slice) 12 48-58 53
Oatmeal (not instant - 1/2 cup dry) 27 42-75 58
White Rice (1 cup long grain) 45 50-64 56
Brown Rice (1 cup long grain) 45 66-87 77
Pasta (1 cup) 43 40s-60s 50s

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