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Summertime FootCare

Summer is here and the weather is hot which means bare feet and flip flops, right? If you are someone with Type 2 diabetes, this can be dangerous, especially if you have peripheral neuropathy, diminished sensation, chronically high blood sugars or peripheral arterial disease. People with diabetes should never walk around barefoot- even in the house. Stepping on hot sand, a shell or stubbing your toe on the corner of the floor can cause a foot injury resulting in a serious infection or urgent care issue, particularly if you don't feel it. Find out how to protect your feet this summer.

Other Foot Care Tips

Get Healthy This Summer - Start with a Fun Exercise Routine


The best way to stick to an exercise routine is for it to be fun, manageable, and accessible. Summertime is a great season for exercising outdoors. Outdoor activities are scenic, convenient and inexpensive. Find out the top four outdoor exercises and how to implement them into your lifestyle.

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