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Diabetes Diet Control Using a Bento Box

Turning Your Diet into Art


Updated November 30, 2011

Diabetes diet control using a bento box can be fun. A bento box makes it easier to control portion sizes and avoid processed foods at home or on the go. Bento boxes are a lot more interesting and appetizing than regular lunch box fare. Bento boxes turn meals into an art.

Bento boxes can aid in diabetes diet control by motivating you to prepare home-cooked food and get creative with leftovers. Because these boxes and their compartments are typically small, calorie and carbohydrate control is virtually built in.

Bento boxes have become very popular and there are many websites dedicated to them. These boxes have especially become popular with moms who want their families to eat wholesome homemade foods when away from home. They also provide an opportunity for fun, pleasure and artistic expression. Bento boxes can be simple, elegant, beautiful, or cute. Choosing a bento box, condiment containers, and chop sticks or utensils can be entertaining.

Bento boxes originated sometime between1185-1333 A.D. in Japan. They began as small bags to carry rice and over time developed into beautiful wooden boxes with compartments for holding single servings of food. Today they come in all clever shapes and sizes and can be wooden, plastic, or metal.

A traditional Japanese bento box has rice, a protein (such as meat or fish), and cooked or pickled vegetables. Today in the United States, the boxes can be prepared with these traditional food items or pretty much anything goes including leftovers. What remains common is that they are packed with care and with appearance in mind. They can be packed simply or the food arranged into elaborate designs, including into the shapes of people, flowers, cartoon characters, video game characters, or animals.

Traditionally bento boxes held cold food and were not refrigerated or filled with ice packs. Today there are insulated boxes and bags and some bento boxes that provide enough room for an ice pack to be included if you do not have access to a refrigerator to store your meal.

There are many websites that have instructions and recipes for low-carb and diabetes-friendly foods for bento boxes that can help with diabetes diet control. Items that are good for people with diabetes are fruits and vegetables cut into cute shapes, small portions of rice made into shapes or balls, cut or molded cheese, nuts, and hard boiled eggs pressed into shapes with egg shapers. Balls of rice can be stuffed with bean or meat mixtures. Tortillas or sliced meat can be stuffed with vegetables or spreads and sliced into pretty spirals.

A diabetes-friendly lunch or meal does not have to be bland or boring. Give a bento box a try and see if diabetes diet control becomes more fun.

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