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Is There a Cure for Diabetes?


Updated April 19, 2011

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Question: Is There a Cure for Diabetes?

No, there is not a cure for diabetes at the moment.

There are many books, products, and websites that claim to offer cures. Many people use alternative treatments for diabetes, such as folk remedies, herbs, vitamins, and teas.

Some of these treatments may help with diabetes control, but many are very convincing scams. Most do not have reliable proof or study for efficacy and safety, although some treatments have been used since ancient times with varying success.

Get the opinion and guidance of your doctor if you think you have found something that may help with your diabetes control. Make sure the new lifestyle, food, or product does not interfere with medications or complicate other conditions. Something seemingly harmless, such as eating large amounts of dark, leafy greens, can interfere with some medications.

If something sounds too good to be true, it probably is. If you cannot find supporting evidence from respected sources or well-designed, published studies, then proceed with extreme caution. Always ask your doctor.

Hopefully, a cure for diabetes will be found one day. New knowledge and research emerges daily. Keeping on top of diabetes news can help you learn about the latest developments in type 2 diabetes treatments.

In the meantime, there are powerful tools, such as diet, exercise, and medical treatments, to help you gain control of your diabetes.


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