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Loving Valentine's Day Even with Type 2 Diabetes

Think Outside the Candy Box this Valentine's Day


Updated February 11, 2010

Loving Valentine's Day Even with Type 2 Diabetes
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Valentine's Day ... the holiday of love. People everywhere take this day to express their love to others with hearts, flowers, valentines and lots and lots of chocolate.

If you have diabetes, Valentine's Day can be a double-edged sword. Who doesn't want to give and receive a big box of chocolates? And it isn't even ordinary, everyday chocolate. It's pretty chocolate in heart shaped boxes -- the kind that's so much fun. I could compose an ode of love to the Whitman's Sampler alone: How do I love thee? Let me open the box and see.

Does Valentine's Day have to be fueled by chocolate? People with diabetes and the people who love them may have to think outside the box on celebrating this holiday.

If you're going to eat a piece of candy, chocolate isn't a bad choice. The fat in chocolate means that it's metabolized slower than other candy, meaning that blood sugar won't spike as high. Although a single piece of chocolate probably isn't going to hurt anyone, it's hard to stop with just one when it's all around you.

Luckily, there are as many ways to celebrate your love as there are people who love each other. And the rest of them don't involve chocolate. Creatively showing someone that you love them is more fun anyway. Bump up the romance and have a happy Valentine's Day.

Ways to celebrate Valentine's Day without eating candy:

Cook a romantic dinner with Fiona Hayes, About.com's Lowfat Cooking Guide.

Make a handmade Valentine's card: playing with glitter and glue can be more fun than chocolate.

Other ways to celebrate your love:

  • Go for a walk.
  • Take in a movie.
  • Plan an overnight trip to a romantic bed and breakfast inn.
  • Visit area museums.
  • Go to a night spot and listen to local musicians (and even dance).
  • Attend a local theater production.
  • Don't forget those old standbys: flowers, perfume and jewelry
  • Or just spend some quiet time with the one you love. It's healthier than candy, and it's free.

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