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Clean Eating Magazine Makes Sense Out of the Nonsense

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Updated August 15, 2008

Clean Eating Magazine Makes Sense Out of the Nonsense
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The Bottom Line

Almost everyone knows that living a healthy lifestyle and eating right can prevent or reduce your risk for metabolic syndrome and type 2 diabetes. There are hundreds of diets out there to prove it. But it all comes down to making changes you can stick to. Not everybody knows where to start. Clean Eating magazine can help you separate good sense from the nonsense.


  • The 30 Day Menu Plan - That's 150 meals and snacks, folks!
  • The Shopping List - Helps you stock your cupboards with the good stuff.
  • The "Be Inspired" section profiles an ordinary person each month, who makes the lifestyle work.
  • Special features include: Ask the Doctor, and Ask the Dietician


  • Those same shopping lists that I mentioned as a "pro" seem costly and they're only for one person.
  • Since the goal is to get people cooking again, I'd like to see more focus on basic kitchen skills.
  • Needs more tips on juggling healthy eating and cooking for busy families.


  • Meal make-overs designed to help you keep your favorites while reducing the negatives.
  • 30-day menu plans for guidance and balance and 50 recipes in each issue.
  • How-to section covering everything from kitchen techniques to supplements and vitamins, to what's new at your supermarket.
  • How to incorporate fitness into your life. Exercise goes hand-in-hand with the Clean Eating philosophy.

Guide Review - Clean Eating Magazine Makes Sense Out of the Nonsense

I came across this magazine when I was looking for something to read to wile away some time at the laundromat. But I soon realized that this was not your run-of-the-mill lifestyle magazine.

Clean Eating is a comprehensive guide for overhauling the typical American diet, and making it healthy. But the difference is that Clean Eating tells you how to start, what to do, how to keep it up, and how to maintain our success.

Their mission statement: Clean Eating is the guide you need to finally understand the many aspects of nutrition; reach your ideal weight; create healthy, troublefree recipes for you and your family and most importantly live a happier, more balanced and focused life.

They present a healthy lifestyle that actually works. The best healthy changes are the ones that we can keep doing for life. Clean Eating magazine makes a healthy way of life easy to understand and gives practical tips on how to accomplish it and live it for life.

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