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What is the Fructosamine Test?

By December 2, 2009

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Most people who have diabetes are aquainted with the A1c test. This test measures average blood sugars over the course of two or three months. But did you know that there is another test, called the fructosamine test which measures average blood sugars over the course of a few weeks?

When does your doctor use this test?

Usually the A1c test is all that's required to let you and your doctor know how your overall blood glucose levels are doing. But, if your medications or insulin have been changed or if your doctor would like to check how treatment changes might be affecting your blood sugar, he or she might order the fructosamine test. It gives results in a shorter period of time than the A1c.

Also, if you are pregnant and have gestational diabetes, the doctor might order the fructosamine test, because dramatic changes in blood sugar can happen more frequently during pregnancy. The fructosamine test can alert your doctor to these changes.

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